Give a heart, to find a home. It's where my starting living roam, does seek inside a heart of gold. My smoke does rise to find a home (eternal circle). Gift me a paradise for all the streets (golden paved hearts). Gift thee a heart that always bleeds (law of love, we endure for others). Keep deep inside, the river's stride. come behold the longing pride (clan). I bless the wheels that seem undone (for you to know freedom again). I bless the heart strings, that are not sung (perfection of your soul). I bless the world, to live in grace. I bless the whole entire space.

I Bless You

Holiness David Running Eagle Shooting Star, your Father Red Hand

Prayer today...

I bless the world. I send out my love to the world. And I pray that people will learn love in all aspects. I love the world.

Sending you Love!

Drums Entwine Heaven and Earth

What Does Father Red Hand Mean?

Relatives, This is White Buffalo Calf Woman and I am interpreting to you the meaning of these three (joyous) words, Father Red Hand. Father: Father to the House of David, elder lavender person, with crown belonging to the people, a King of Earth, Holiness David, the beloved children are protected, wings enclosed. Red: Red Road, the law of love. Hand: One hand bow. Usually we pray and bow with two hands together in unity, we even clap them together to rejoice. But in a one hand bow, there is silence, here we greet the spirit, the blue road, in which the bow, is for all the heavens, where the red road lives. Red Hand: In the vastness of heaven - blue/black space, lies the red road. I present to you, Holiness David. Running Eagle Shooting Star, your Father Red Hand

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Friday, August 20, 2010

Holiness David Radiates Love to the World, Brothers and Sisters to Bee, Start your Dream!

Image:  WHITE BUFFALO CALF WOMAN'S VISION OF UPPER HEAVEN.  A sea of red armies lined up in cubes, with fire rivers, all about each cube. And as I stepped back further, I saw a red path, the road, to heaven, that lasts and blasts.

Singing in the wind, "High in the Heavens, I emplore, give us your song, we adore!"

Upper Heaven Sings back, "Asking, masking, what do you feel? I know, we are comfort over hear, but we need you to hold our arms real tight, because we are heaven's youth, who are born in the night. We need your blessings, to keep you without fright."

Heart Song for Holiness David Running Eagle, who's bountiful love embraces paradise. And his soul navigates the stars to bind us together, and bring us home.  In our silence today, let us hear the holy song he reflects back to sing for thee!  A raging fire of love, that purifies the rainbow colors, on the Red Road ... Love!

Everywhere my soul does keep, a fire's light, that smells so sweet. I purify the heart, of all related fields. I am the start, to golden deals. Come towards my heart. I will fill you up with love. Come towards my heart.  I will give you all I have to start. I will give you love, always searching for better days. I am here for you. Feel my waves.

Feel my love, it's a radiation field. I will fill you up, with my glory and it's real.  It's love inside, that purifies your light. A fire so bright, can't you feel my love, (sow deep) such delight.  Come let the shore be known, the heart inside of you, that foams, crashing waves of delight, always bringing home the plight. Yesterday we lived forever. Today, will bring us home. Tomorrow's a dream we carry, let's ride on top of the foam (top of the wave that heals with oxygenated water that cleanses, a place where we can breathe freely).  

Crashing waves of delight, can't you feel my fire's light.  I will fill you up with love.  Feel my heart, just have to glove (hold onto your heart, I feel you, the swelling heart).  It fit's perfectly. Your heartbeat and mine.  Look it's synchronicity. To fill you up, with dreams.  I say, glory is part of your measure. I am just a fire's light, that burns away.  All that seems unworthy, is burned with love, this day (the wind blows and purifies to snow, the cosmic dust, that grows perfect divinity, sacred healthy leaves, our relatives true). Purification is the way.  

Tell me Brothers and Sisters, "Do you know, the heart that is unclaimed?"  Tell me Brothers and Sisters, "Don't you want them all in the game?"  Give them love that counts.  Cleanse their heart of hate this day. Purify, what was yesterday, a belief in all that's said.  Now it's tomorrow.  We need believe in skies so blue.  It's tomorrow, where we can think, we are the true.  Fly above the clouds at night, find your heart in heaven's delight.  Come my children I adore your love. Walk into my heart, I will give you a hug. 

Inside my heart, I do bring, the love of God and it's feels like spring.  Come walk with me together.  Come feel my hands in this weather.  I will show you how to light, a fire so true.  I will show you, how to purify you.  Love is greater than ever.  It's the path, God shows to each other.  We are part of this world.  Heaven and Eath has arrived here. 

Can't you feel my love? I know, I give it up.  I will follow you, eternally, to find out, if you believe.  Trust your heart, I tell you true.  It's where God gifts, the heart in you.  Feel the shelter I give you, the holy rolling hills of the blue.  Relatives, that means, me and you.

Sacred Drum by Holiness David Running Eagle Shooting Star, your Father Red Hand.  And White Buffalo Calf Woman, you Twin Deer Mother Sings, the Sacred Song Blessing for Holiness David's love for God.

"A prayer to the people, that they rise their awareness to believe in the Oneness, instead of separation. Forgive, forgive,, love, love, love. I bless the north to the South (shift to the Red Road, earth, embrace), the east to the west (horizon to the Blue Road, heaven, song), the up and the down (wind that blows through all), and sacred all around (spiral evolution, here), breathe in and breathe out (flight over rolling hills, rainbow colors). Thank you for this beautiful day.  I feel love in my heart. We pray!"  

Holiness David Running Eagle Shooting Star's prayer for the people, from his body of rainbow colors (Rainbow Warrior of Prophecy), Elder Lavender, Yellow, Aqua, Gray, speaks to you today!

Rainbow Warriors of Prophecy

Father Red Hand, walking in the trees (among the trees of life), kissing (unification), here is my heart, going two (united) by three (dream is born), walking along, giving love to thee. Father Red Hand purifying love, flowing and glowing (red fire) and driving all that's bad (purification bring all home), home to the heart beat (pounding heart flows life), where all belongs and keeps, inside the blood (red road, the law of love). There I stand up (rising sun) to the hands of God, where my embrace holds all that I see below. Running Eagle, my Shooting Star does sea, the many children, God gave to liberty.

Elders Agenda Meeting from the four corners of the world.

White Buffalo Calf Woman (cw): I pick up the stick from Sunlight, he directs me. I hold, the elders in our hearts. Holiness David is trying to impart, his role, of our Great Provider, to save us all, from this fall. And welcome his soul to this day, remembering all we do pray, salvation has it 's path, that always lasts and lasts. Let's bless, the four realms (upper heaven, heaven, earth, lower heaven), who come today.

I pick up the pipe today, to blow all evil away, into the embrace of the dark space, to be known, that love does shine, in all the homes.  Up and down all around, in and out, north, south, west, east, the test of time, we do not fear, because love, draws us near (spiraling). Now, it's a place we dream, always looking, but not always seen, the heart, that lives within, does bring us a perfect stormy wind.  I bless the smoke as it's arise, to purify all the heavenly skies, the earth, with it's mote, I bring you the smoke, to purify, all that does hide, even those, who don't believe, I'm alive.

Vision: I can sea many crying out in pain, they didn't bless, but snuck in (those who try to enter elders agenda meeting, sanctuary space).  Oh why don't they just bless, then we wouldn't have this mess.

Vision:  Confirming (purification with fire) realms. They are lifting, those who are burned, out the door, where others will heal, until they recover or walk away. The darkness must realize, that purification, come, just like knife, quickly and targeted, to bring in harmony, it's what we do, to bring them all home. Blessings, is cleansing the sacred storm. It was interesting, the fire only burned, those who did not bless. Others were not mentioned, but blessed (passed over). Overcome the wind, throw all your sins, and bring your heart towards love's true embrace,where heaven, hasn't lost track of your face.

cw: Temples in pain, oh why oh why don't they bless.  So many will be wiped away, but into the cradle (heaven), they will pray.  Hoping it will be their turn another day (earth).

cw: Holiness David send love, please Holiness. Third eye aches. Okay Better! Holiness David sending love.  Breathing, breathing deep, inhale and exhale, to bring about the moat (draw bridge).  There you await, to climb over the gate, between heaven and earth. We are all parts of this same Earth.  Let's realize heaven's darkness, needs us to rescue, her, from impure. Blessings, always save the day, rescueing, all who participate.  We belong to the same circle of life today. Relatives, I walk and talk with you.

cw: Upper Heaven, I emplore, give us your song, we adore....

Upper Heaven Sings: Asking, masking, what do you feel? I know, we are comfort over hear, but we need you to hold our arms real tight, because we are heaven's youth, who are born in the night.  We need your blessings, to keep you without fright.

cw: Lower Heaven, come speak with me, show me how, to dance the song of liberty....

Lower Heaven Sings: Walking talking, that's what we do, we bring the song and dance with a new view. Don't you feel the magic, don't you feel, the winds. I know god is in you, just beleive, and achieve, because heaven is fire, the rainbow desire, andwe are the dancing fools to play.  And we have fun doing it all day.

cw: Heaven Come sing to me, bring me in your arms, tell me a good story, and turn on all your charms...

Heaven Sings: Can't you feel the buzzing, the raspitididoo (vision: wings moving together to sing, like a violin sings).  The wings of the butterflies, that seem to rescue you.  And there is a cycle, where buzzing believes, that bees have dreams of honey, where pollen blows in the breeze.  Pick up your dance moves, pick up your sleeves, we are going dancing, don't worry about anything please.  There is an excitement, filling the air. Just move towards magic, to over come, your wide gorge.

cw: Earth you excite me, sharing all your shows.  

Earth Sings: Don't you know, we need gather, to always feel this glow. And dreams pull us together, to bring in halls of fame.  Because we are children, all playing a game.  And when you are with me, I feel overcome, the glory excitement, you gift from God's love.  I journey over mountains, to be near your heart.  I journey in the heavens, so we will never be apart (separated). And we shall be shadows, that purify, all the winds.  We shall know mountains covered snow top peaks again. We are living rivers, where green grass does grow. My heart is forever, and it's not a good show (sadness, endures for love), but if you are by my river, then all will glow!

White Buffalo Calf Woman Sings:

Validation of upper heaven (vision: sea armiess of red, lines up in cubes, with fire rivers, all about each cube.  And as I stepped back further, I saw a red path, the road, to heaven, that lasts and blasts.)

Validation of lower heaven purified, (the joy of dance nullifies, purifies, sacred dance with shadows and fire)

Validation of heaven (breathing, in hale ex hale, we fly through the storm, the passageway, to eternal, is right through that door - feeling a bit of fear, realizing the destruction cleansing of the smoke from the pipe.)

Validation of earth Relax my brothers, it's time to come home. We must create, this distance, to read, through the smoke, and you have passed each other, realizing, that it's in the wind.  And now, you can step at ease, remember, to pray and bless.  Then we will all feel like a happy nest.

I bless you nine directions. I bless the sacred true. I bless the heart of elders, for what they say and do. I bless, the souls within you, to come here today, to trust the heart of miracles, as we grow up and learn to pray.  We grow up and learn to play!

From a child we must learn to walk upright. Just believe. You can achieve!

It's down the Red Road today . . . love guides us home, into the raging storm.  Let us pray!

You gonna have dreams, you got to have POWER to get over that hill . . . again.  You're gonna dream, then take they sail upon your back and we'll (wheel, aboard the stern) sea (vision with your heart).  Just believe, it's time to begin a band new day.  It's the POWER of sunshine (rainbow colors you shine). It's the POWER of love (the heart sublime).  Follow your dream and believe!

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