Give a heart, to find a home. It's where my starting living roam, does seek inside a heart of gold. My smoke does rise to find a home (eternal circle). Gift me a paradise for all the streets (golden paved hearts). Gift thee a heart that always bleeds (law of love, we endure for others). Keep deep inside, the river's stride. come behold the longing pride (clan). I bless the wheels that seem undone (for you to know freedom again). I bless the heart strings, that are not sung (perfection of your soul). I bless the world, to live in grace. I bless the whole entire space.

I Bless You

Holiness David Running Eagle Shooting Star, your Father Red Hand

Prayer today...

I bless the world. I send out my love to the world. And I pray that people will learn love in all aspects. I love the world.

Sending you Love!

Drums Entwine Heaven and Earth

What Does Father Red Hand Mean?

Relatives, This is White Buffalo Calf Woman and I am interpreting to you the meaning of these three (joyous) words, Father Red Hand. Father: Father to the House of David, elder lavender person, with crown belonging to the people, a King of Earth, Holiness David, the beloved children are protected, wings enclosed. Red: Red Road, the law of love. Hand: One hand bow. Usually we pray and bow with two hands together in unity, we even clap them together to rejoice. But in a one hand bow, there is silence, here we greet the spirit, the blue road, in which the bow, is for all the heavens, where the red road lives. Red Hand: In the vastness of heaven - blue/black space, lies the red road. I present to you, Holiness David. Running Eagle Shooting Star, your Father Red Hand

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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

There Upon a Hill, a Sounding!

There upon a hill, I am still. Just because I live upon this world, means I must share my love, to provide the heavenly gust. Where I am abound, let us make some sound, just in time, to wake up all the living bounding sounding rounding plan of God (circle of life). Stand near me, I will be a tree (tree of life). Hold onto me, then all will be bound to see, wonder of love come fill my heart and be a gust. Wake up and find me upon this hill. My love is sure, if I open doors. Hold my hand and understand, we are bounding, rounding you sea.  The heart of me, the heart in need. Can you find a waking mind?  I want to shine all arounding (circle of life).

Stand upon that hill, I am still (reflection). Can you feel my love upon this mill (workings)? stone (blessing)? (grinding, to refine, the workings of a blessing). I have a bone (sharing on the red road, green or spiritual trees offer the exchange, oxygen for carbon monoxide), can you shine with me. I want to share the heart of eternity. There is a day, when all we say, is going to be where we want that day, upon it's love. upon that will. I will stand there with love that is mighty clear. I give my heart with all it's parts, because I know it's what's called of me.

We are man, because we stand, but God needs us each and every man. I want to share, but my wife does dare. She says, I have to know God is hear, in my heart, that's where I start.  Can you see, my heart in the leaves. The tree of life, holds me close to thee. I want to bee a living dream, that caudals (holds) you close to eternity. We are man, human who stand upon this hill to shine forever we the band. We carry truth even as we are shining in a noose (strangulation/lesson, but also a circle that is tight, fisherman), because our hearts belong to this tree. We are fond of each and everyone, but those who don't understand, find out that love demands. And I know true, that love is blue, where heaven decides over you (two not one over others, but together forever).

Can we she (heavenly soul), hold to our knees (bow and pray). We must bow and pray to save our days. And I know it's what we sow, into the soil of Mother love we do boil (heat springs upwards and out, like a geyser). And feed our hearts, for it's the part of what we need to care about each and every start. Sow each day, love and praise, or lessons abide in all you dew (cling to you) and say. Gift away love, just to hear the start of new beginning of what we feel and say. Each one of us, have much to learn, and I want to be a part of this burn (lessons that turn into treasures).

Hold my hand and heaven stand. For I know I need to hold each and every man. I will bow and pray my soul away, if I save my brother, my sister who needs my love this day. I will shine, upon all mortal dine (breaking bread, sharing wine/daze, eat and praise), upon the will of man kind, who need to step to the heart that binds. And if I say, "I love you all the way, my soul will find you, wherever you flow this day".  I am part of this dream, at all the seams and we are part of mankind (king/kingsmen/kinsmen/relatives) of said and done. We are what we need, because we are part of heaven's dream. And I want to shine with you to know true love.

(sound came out then silence, to and fro) Come and shine with me. I want to share the leaves. I want to know your heart. I want to bind our parts.  And if we share the days, then we will not walk away, but towards your love. Into the river of God we are a part.  Come and shine with me and hold us near the dreams, we are standing still, to be near all the drills (exercises). Let us exercise our love to know the great divine. Let us be one kind of heavenly shine. And I will bind the hearts to every single dart, those who aim with hate, let us not be late.  For I will share my love and overthrow their hate, because love does bind, oh let heaven shine. Upon the hill this day, I will shine a ray, upon my soul, upon the willing heart that is bold. And I will be with you, forever true it's blue, my soul is divine, because I love you this time.  And when you walk away, then how will you travel and say, " We are one heart. We are perfectly a part."  Then all be one true, my heart is love in the blue, heaven hold me near you. Heaven hold me near true.  We are going home to love, where we start to gift from above, heaven in me, it's true. Heaven in me, it's blue (true blue).  We are one heart you see, heavenly company, hold me close to you. Hold me close to you. And I will stand upon this hill, just to make my heart a drill, one more exercise, to bind our hearts this time.  We are part of loving grace, come now bow and feel the taste of true love in you and me. Come bow down for all to sea. I come to shine for you. My heart is willing to, because a trevil
* of love. I will show God above.

* Trevil: treble/refined sound/musical note/high note/heavenly/large power cord/plug into God/the Great traveler.

White Buffalo Calf Woman Sings for the Heart of Holiness David Running Eagle Shooting Star our Father Red Hand who drums, but he had trouble drumming for himself, even when I asked him to go through my heart, finally I asked him to sit in the middle of many children, then his beat was a child, swept off his feet. Enjoy the song. Aho and over the rainbow!
Rainbow Warriors of Prophecy
Father Red Hand, walking in the trees (among the trees of life), kissing (unification), here is my heart, going two (united) by three (dream is born), walking along, giving love to thee. Father Red Hand purifying love, flowing and glowing (red fire) and driving all that's bad (purification bring all home), home to the heart beat (pounding heart flows life), where all belongs and keeps, inside the blood (red road, the law of love). There I stand up (rising sun) to the hands of God, where my embrace holds all that I see below. Running Eagle, my Shooting Star does sea, the many children, God gave to liberty.