Give a heart, to find a home. It's where my starting living roam, does seek inside a heart of gold. My smoke does rise to find a home (eternal circle). Gift me a paradise for all the streets (golden paved hearts). Gift thee a heart that always bleeds (law of love, we endure for others). Keep deep inside, the river's stride. come behold the longing pride (clan). I bless the wheels that seem undone (for you to know freedom again). I bless the heart strings, that are not sung (perfection of your soul). I bless the world, to live in grace. I bless the whole entire space.

I Bless You

Holiness David Running Eagle Shooting Star, your Father Red Hand

Prayer today...

I bless the world. I send out my love to the world. And I pray that people will learn love in all aspects. I love the world.

Sending you Love!

Drums Entwine Heaven and Earth

What Does Father Red Hand Mean?

Relatives, This is White Buffalo Calf Woman and I am interpreting to you the meaning of these three (joyous) words, Father Red Hand. Father: Father to the House of David, elder lavender person, with crown belonging to the people, a King of Earth, Holiness David, the beloved children are protected, wings enclosed. Red: Red Road, the law of love. Hand: One hand bow. Usually we pray and bow with two hands together in unity, we even clap them together to rejoice. But in a one hand bow, there is silence, here we greet the spirit, the blue road, in which the bow, is for all the heavens, where the red road lives. Red Hand: In the vastness of heaven - blue/black space, lies the red road. I present to you, Holiness David. Running Eagle Shooting Star, your Father Red Hand

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Monday, November 28, 2011

The Heart That is True, Father Red Hand in the Blue!

Image by Gayle Ford, thank you Gayle!

Love you, love you, love you too Holiness David Running Eagle Shooting Star our Father Red Hand who is true,

I send to you a story that is true (blue), the heart of one who bows humbly with you. My heart does pound, when I look at you, for love comes gushing out of you. And stars are meant to shine in the night, but you my beloved are always burning in the light. And what you do to purify the world, the sound of angels that fulfill. And when the song is out for the night, the purification does go on and on. And when it's above and where there is no light, the heart knows how to open up with sight.

Long to hear the butterflies do their rounds, the place of where all comes the SOUND. And whispers come to shadow us in the dark, but we know heaven is always embracing us with each child, the coming of angels the evolution CALLS and gifts us sight (envision our dreams).

Your devoted servant bows down, to share the heart that is filled with frowns, to know that love is great indeed, because we are out there with the LEAVES (relatives on the tree of life), each a child, each a sun, upon this world, the Sacred Tree churns and now it's time to burn, a greater light than has ever been know, the coming of the yellow road, where all are sprung (the souls are set free).

White Buffalo Calf Woman knows in your heart, the rolling green grass the part we full fill, where all is "the devoted rolling hills" (rainbow colors that fill the world).

White Buffalo Calf Woman your Twin Deer Mother
elder crystal child sings
Rainbow Warriors of Prophecy

On Sun, Nov 27, 2011 at 4:54 AM, Holiness David  wrote: 

Hi Honey,
Here is the picture: Green Wheat Fields

Love you, love you , love you!

Holiness David
Elder Lavender Child
Rainbow Warriors of Prophecy

"Give all for all, make no exceptions and claim nothing back," says Gerard Groote 1340-1384

Rainbow Warriors of Prophecy
Pray With Elders around the World

Father Red Hand, walking in the trees (among the trees of life), kissing (unification), here is my heart, going two (united) by three (dream is born), walking along, giving love to thee. Father Red Hand purifying love, flowing and glowing (red fire) and driving all that's bad (purification bring all home), home to the heart beat (pounding heart flows life), where all belongs and keeps, inside the blood (red road, the law of love). There I stand up (rising sun) to the hands of God, where my embrace holds all that I see below. Running Eagle, my Shooting Star does sea, the many children, God gave to liberty.

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