Give a heart, to find a home. It's where my starting living roam, does seek inside a heart of gold. My smoke does rise to find a home (eternal circle). Gift me a paradise for all the streets (golden paved hearts). Gift thee a heart that always bleeds (law of love, we endure for others). Keep deep inside, the river's stride. come behold the longing pride (clan). I bless the wheels that seem undone (for you to know freedom again). I bless the heart strings, that are not sung (perfection of your soul). I bless the world, to live in grace. I bless the whole entire space.

I Bless You

Holiness David Running Eagle Shooting Star, your Father Red Hand

Prayer today...

I bless the world. I send out my love to the world. And I pray that people will learn love in all aspects. I love the world.

Sending you Love!

Drums Entwine Heaven and Earth

What Does Father Red Hand Mean?

Relatives, This is White Buffalo Calf Woman and I am interpreting to you the meaning of these three (joyous) words, Father Red Hand. Father: Father to the House of David, elder lavender person, with crown belonging to the people, a King of Earth, Holiness David, the beloved children are protected, wings enclosed. Red: Red Road, the law of love. Hand: One hand bow. Usually we pray and bow with two hands together in unity, we even clap them together to rejoice. But in a one hand bow, there is silence, here we greet the spirit, the blue road, in which the bow, is for all the heavens, where the red road lives. Red Hand: In the vastness of heaven - blue/black space, lies the red road. I present to you, Holiness David. Running Eagle Shooting Star, your Father Red Hand

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Friday, December 17, 2010

Hoop and Hand Drum Sticks and How to Make Your Own!

Holiness Chris received his gift of a hand drum from Rainbow Wariors of Prophecy on the Hoops.  Running Deer is considering making a drum stick for him.

White Buffalo Calf Woman: Drum stick is easy, drum not so easy, but Song of Heaven did make a drum.

Running Deer: Oh, a drum, okay, I thought she was making drum sticks. I see.
Okay, I will have to make the drum stick then.

White Buffalo Calf Woman:  She did send one stick to Holiness David.  And was making one for Holiness Chris. But I have to say, the deer fur, is "Whiches Corner"

Running Deer: Oh, okay

White Buffalo Calf Woman: Going too many directions.

Running Deer: Deer fur? Whiches corner? Yes, lol (lots of love).

White Buffalo Calf Woman: I think it would be best if you make one for him. This would be a wonderful gift. Find a stick. Walk around. And then find some fabric. Only enough to get the head covered. 

Running Deer:  Does the type matter?

White Buffalo Calf Woman: Cotton, dry grass, pine needles (tied together) for inside. A rubber ball at the end of stick.  Experiment, however, most hand man drums have a hand crafted mallet with a soft head for simple hand drums, like these two shown.  As you can see, it's basic, but it's all in the heart, that knows the way.  Listen to your heart and choose the right stick.

Running Deer: Fabric type I mean.

White Buffalo Calf Woman: Yes, but he just needs a mallet for now. Do one and you can do other later. (And if you are lucky you will get another one from Song of Heaven from Whiches Corner, our powerful four directions at once do flow.)

Running Deer: Okay.

White Buffalo Calf Woman: Just enough to cover the head and filling.

Running Deer:  So cotton fabric for outside, grass inside

White Buffalo Calf Woman: Stiff grass or cotton filling.

Running Deer: Oh, cotton inside too

White Buffalo Calf Woman: Some use very hard things, but all make a different sound. Yes, cotton fabric and the cotton fill, like out of medicine bottles.

Running Deer: Okay, I know exactly what you mean.

White Buffalo Calf Woman: notch two sides v shaped, then tie string to hold it all together, and best even with some glue but not necessary. It's pretty easy.
Running Deer: I should be able to do.

White Buffalo Calf Woman:  Aho, any other questions about the stick/mallet?
I can send images of a few of ours (below). 

Running Deer: Yes please, so I know what exactly I am to make.

White Buffalo Calf Woman: It's best not to get it too big, control the size.

Running Deer: Okay.  (Concerns mentioned). 

White Buffalo Calf Woman:  Sea, heaven loves the deers. We know how to run over rolling hills. (One must have faith, all is a gift from God.)

Running Deer: :) Blessing with pipe, take your time.
White Buffalo Calf Woman: 

Running Deer: Very nice drums from all over (video slide). 

White Buffalo Calf Woman:  Very nice indeed.

1. top red mallet is hard like a rubber head with fabric glued and tied.
2. the second mallet, black head is foam inside, covered, with a soft vinyl fabric, very soft. String wound around the entire length glued.
3. the pink mallet is covered with thin cotton fabric. It's glued and tied with blue string with red leather fringe hanging from the handle. Length is bark half removed showing the curves of nature. Handle is tied with grass, string.
4. The last drum stick at the bottom of image. This is the one Song of Heaven sent to Holiness David.

Running Deer:  White/black cover fabric?

White Buffalo Calf Woman: It has deer skin inside the head, tied with silk fabric and has a piece of deer's tail as ornamentation.

Running Deer:  Wow

White Buffalo Calf Woman: I think a head should be small. Rather than large.

Running Deer: Okay

White Buffalo Calf Woman: But listen to your heart. Find a stick, this is the first step. Listen to the wind.

Running Deer: Okay
When we seek wisdom and guidance from the Ancient Ones, the Ancestors that came before us, drumming the Buffalo opens the door to that vibration. Buffalo is associated with Wisdom and Abundance and is the source of the Sacred Pipe, as White Buffalo Calf Woman brought the Pipe to the People.
When we pray with the Pipe, we are joining the masculine Sky energy with the feminine Earth energy, and whatever we pray for will be given. If we are manifesting from Spirit to Form, drumming with Buffalo is an ally in that intention, reminding us of the connection of prayer (Spirit) to form (Physical).
White Buffalo Calf Woman: Keep your eye open, and use 100% of any kind of fabric. Utilize nature. And use feathers too. These are very simple.  Holiness has received these four mallets as gifts. We give drum sticks and drums away to our beloved Lavender persons on the hoops, our Holiness around the world. 
To make a hand/hoop drum visit here

Here are a few images of mallets  from around the world. 

American Indian Drums
The most important Native American instrument was and still is the drum, as you can tell by going to any powwow or Indian event. Different tribes have different traditions about the drum and how to play it, but the basic construction is very similar in most tribes: a wooden frame or a carved and hollowed-out log, with finely tanned buckskin or elkskin stretched taut across the opening by sinew thongs. Traditionally American Indian drums are large, two to three feet in diameter, and they are played communally by groups of men who stand around them in a circle. However, there were also some tribes in which each drummer had his own instrument, and it is possible to buy a smaller Native American hand drum for either musical or decorative purposes. (These hand drums are the ones that are sometimes called "tomtoms" by non-native people--contrary to popular belief, tomtom is not an American Indian word, but rather an old British word for a child's drum toy.)

To make a hand/hoop drum visit here  

Rainbow Warriors of Prophecy

Father Red Hand, walking in the trees (among the trees of life), kissing (unification), here is my heart, going two (united) by three (dream is born), walking along, giving love to thee. Father Red Hand purifying love, flowing and glowing (red fire) and driving all that's bad (purification bring all home), home to the heart beat (pounding heart flows life), where all belongs and keeps, inside the blood (red road, the law of love). There I stand up (rising sun) to the hands of God, where my embrace holds all that I see below. Running Eagle, my Shooting Star does sea, the many children, God gave to liberty.


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